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Free calls to United States

  • | Free international calls to America*
  • | Free 5 minutes calls to United States & canada
  • | Free calls with No registration
  • | Call USA cell phones free*
  • | Make free calls every 10 minutes, all day long
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  • 100% Free phone calls online - No catch!*
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  • Nothing to pay, Totally free!
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  • Is this service truly free?

    This service is as freie as it gets. Unlike other websites that give you ONE USA free phone call to entice you to buy credit. We are genuinley 100% free of charge.

    If you really want to know how?? - we rely on advertisement to support our website.

  • How long are free phone calls to America and Canada?

    Calls to both USA & canada last 5 minutes, to make more free calls plesae wait 10 minute to access calling page again.

  • What do I need to provide?

    Absolutely nothing! We do not require anything from you to make free phone calls to United States. Simply dial number and talk!

    but if you want to get technical, we do require you to have an internet connection and smartphone / Laptop to make free phone calls.

  • Are both mobile phones and landlines supported?

    Yes! Most telephone numbers can be dialed using our service with the exception of premium rate numbers which cost too much for us to support for free. We hope you understand.

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Make phone calls online

We set up this free online calling service to allow everyone to call their friends and family in USA & Canada. Simply dial number and click to call.

All you need to use our service is an internet connection and a smartphone or laptop. The call will last 5 minutes and will be 100% free of charge.

Free calls to USA

Whether you are in or outside of the United States or Canada - This service is 100% free to use and supports national and international phone calls. Cell phones are supported however, premium numbers are not accessible through this service.

Free calls with No registration

Most other sites require you to sign up and register your details in order to use their service. They will also try to sell you credits once your free phone call has completed.

We on the other hand have nothing to sell you and do not want anything from you apart from asking you to share this free USA calling website with your freinds and family. No Sign up, No registration, No payment.

Free 5 minute calls

All our phone calls are 100% free of charge, However we do have a limitation of 5 minutes per call to avoid abuse of our service. Once your call has been completed please wait 10 minutes to make another free call online. We allow a total of 720 minutes of free callling per day per customer!

Free international calls

Looking to call other countries? Our sister website provides free international phone calls to over 40 countries including UK, USA & many more also with no payment or registration required.

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If you would like to make a free call to another country, please visit This is also a Free online service to call over 40 countries without registration. Why pay when its free?

Feel free to use our service as much asoften as you like! Our service will always remain FREE, all we ask is for you to share us and help spread the love.

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